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Apr 16, 2019

3 tips to Succeed

Beliefs dictate action.

Last Friday, I took a last-minute job photographing a healthcare convention and left in tears.

No, not tears of boredom.

But tears of joy and inspiration. Just like my last minute trip to the Dominican Republic with Pack Retreats, the universe had put me in the right place once again.
I had the distinct pleasure of seeing Vinh Giang speak. And while totally captivating and entertaining, this message seemed like it was meant specifically for me. It was like something in the movie where the rest of the room fades away. It just happened to be what I needed to hear at that particular moment. 
Vinh said in order to jump as high as you can go you need three things. 

1. Perspective. If you can only see a challenge or a problem from one perspective, it is easy to become blind. The more perspective you have, the more opportunities you are able to seize. And to gain more perspective you should collaborate with people you never thought to collaborate with before. People outside of your industry with different perspectives.

2. Influence. This one was huge for me. Vinh said you are a direct reflection of the top five people you spend time with. Influence is a powerful thing you should surround yourself with people that you aspire to be more like. If you want to be a speaker, you should spend time with brilliant speakers. Spending time with the right people opens your mind to new possibilities.

3. Beliefs. Step 1 to accomplishing literally anything is to believe that it is possible. Only by believing to your core that something is possible will you begin. And only after taking step 1, will step 2, 3, 4 become apparent, easy and even fun.
So if beliefs dictate action, where do your beliefs come from? What do you believe to be possible for you? Who are you spending time with and are they supporting the belief you have in yourself? 
I will do the most impossible things. You can too. You just have to believe. Who’s ready to take step 1?

If this message spoke to you the way it spoke to me, I urge you to check Vinh Giang out at his website here or find him on youtube here.

You can find the link to this speech on youtube here. Make sure you watch all three parts. It moved me to tears and really changed my perspective. Thanks for being the inspirational voice when I needed it, Vinh. You’re currently number 1 in my top 5.

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