Your story matters. 

I always wanted to be a writer. I actually wrote my first "book" in the 3rd grade. Love stories were my absolute favorite. But then I got married when I was 21 and my path changed forever. My mom hired the photographer, HER photographer, from when she got married in the 80's. You can imagine the result. My wedding photos were cheesy. over-posed and had an undeniable 80's style- and not in cool, vintage way. 

Right then I knew- I could help couples, and their families fully experience their wedding day and document it authentically so they can relive some of the biggest moments of their lives for years to come. (No cheesy, fake photographs here please.) That was over 12 years ago. I've been telling love stories ever since. The most important love stories to the people in them. I'd be so honored to tell yours. 

I tell love stories about couples becoming family, fathers and their little girls, grandparents and their legacies.I tell the stories that mean everything.

Before I was ever a Wedding Photographer in Tampa, I was a Storyteller. I even have a degree in Creative Writing.

It was Christmas and I didn’t want to work, but I put my camera in the car anyway When we lost my grandmother I couldn’t have been more grateful that my mom made me bring it. I went through all the photos we had from her life and there was only 1 Photograph where almost everyone was there. 
    Your wedding might be the only time in your lifetime that all the people you love are ever together in the same place.
Losing someone so important to me changed how I document stories and reminded me why any of this matters. It was never all the pretty things (pictures). It’s all the once in a lifetime memories you’re making. This is what makes me different from other photographers. My process is focused on who matters the most. So take a deep breath, go make some memories. I’ll tell your stories, the ones that really matter.

 "Remember to bring your camera." Five words I used to dread hearing.

Community over competition

Love and kindness are never wasted

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them

Success is a journey not a destination

Never stop creating, learning and evolving

Find joy in everything, even the smallest of things

my business (and life) values

My son, Nikolai, the funniest, sweetest little boy i know.

My sweet husband, Dan who always gives me the last piece of pizza (cause, love).

my greatest loves

A better photographer than I am today - I don't want to ever stop growing and learning

A life I am proud of.

Scotland and see the hills and the castles.

The Grand Canyon

Italian (I started in college, but forgot most!)

The home of our dreams.







my bucket list











Tyler Childers


Tyler Knott Gregson


Love Actually


Harry Potter


favourite things

- Jacklyn and Brandon

Asha went above and beyond for our special day. From the first time we met with her I instantly knew she was going to be our perfect match. My favorite part was seeing the shots that I didn't even know she was taking. Asha by far did an amazing job and I would highly recommend her. Especially if you would like a laid back, stress free and fun but very romantic wedding day. She's the ONE!!! 

"When I first saw our photos, I was in tears as the day seemed all so real again!"

- Brooke and mitch

Asha was amazing on the day of my wedding. When I started to get overwhelmed she was there to calm me down and remind me that everything was going to be perfect. She was well organized and knew exactly what to do, which was extremely helpful when it came down to taking the pictures and getting them done in a timely manner. I was so blessed to have her there with me on my special day. Not only was she amazing, but the pictures from my wedding day were stunning and we felt SO COMFORTABLE, thanks to her! Couldn't have asked for a better photographer!

"I never felt so beautiful and photogenic!"

- Justin and Tiffany

She not only took many wonderful pictures but also kept me sane. She literally ensured that I was doing okay throughout the day. She puts the bride first throughout the wedding day. I can't say enough how great my experience was and how pleased I was. If you want a wonderful skilled photographer and an all around wonderful person go with Love, Asha Photography you won't regret it. The memories captured were priceless.

"Asha was fabulous! She made the wedding day seamless."

praise from kind-hearted clients



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